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Angular JS

Angular.JS is an open source web application web framework that helps to create single page web applications. It requires HTML, CSS and JavaScript on the client side. Coders use HTML for the declaration of static documents , AngularJs comes in use for declaring dynamic documents. It lets you increase your HTML vocabulary for the application. You will be glad to get an extra-ordinarily environment that is quick to develop, impressive and in readable form.

The main feature of Angular.JS that allows us to modify a particular html element according to our need are Angular directives. Some of them includes:ng-app, ng-model, ng-click,ng-repeat, and ng-controller. There is two way data binding in AngularJS which means up gradation of model whenever there is a change in view or vice versa. It is a toolset helping in application development and is compatible with all the libraries available.

Angular.JS Advantages:-

  • Reusable HTML components
  • REST friendly application framework
  • MVC design pattern could accelerate the process of app development
  • Localization
  • With the help of directives, it is easy to build custom widgets
  • e2e testing environment
  • Easy synchronization between Model and DOM with two-way data binding and more advantages
  • Superior web templating, simply expanding HTML vocabulary
  • Custom widgets can be built with the help of directives